Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank you Challise!!

So one of my biggest goals has been to learn how to decorate cakes. Thanks to Jeremy's sis Ashley I got started with a basics Wilton class last winter. I have been trying since last year to get a fondant recipe and learn how to do it. Well Challise Tatton came to the rescue. She not only gave me her recipe, (which is yummy by the way,) but she gave me lots of tips. So I made my first try, and I'd have to say it turned out pretty dang good.

Thank you so much Challise! I still have a lot to learn, but thanks to Challise, and Ashley I'm on my way. If anyone wants cake let me know I'm hoping to have lots of practice cakes.

Randomly I took these cute pics of Reese and thought I'd put them on here.


Leah Aston said...

I'd like to request a cake for Jaren's first bday...that wouldn't be too tricky now would it? :) That cake looks awesome Katie!

10zfam said...

that cake is awesome. way to go

Megan said...

I am super impressed. That cake looks awesome! Is her fondant recipe tasty then? As tasty as fondant can be anyway?

Challise and Rusty said...

AWESOME!!!!! You did an awesome job! you never would have guessed that was your first fondant experience! it is good fondant eh? I think that tastes good. Much better than your "traditional" fondant! We really need to get together soon and makes some fun cakes. Oh the possibilities with cake..... Good work. You are already much better than me!! Not fair.

Ashley said...

That cake looks great Katie! You realize that since I gave bought you that kit you are now obligated to make us awesome cakes for every occasion, right?!

Keep it up!