Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rylee's blessing day.

We blessed Rylee on Sunday. I had her wear the same dress as Reese but just sewed her a new sash.

Reese was a little bit bugged that I wanted to take pictures, even though we were already late for church, (or nursery.) But you can't even tell :)

We totally lucked out, weather wise. It was so warm and sunny, a perfect day. Especially since we don't have too much room in our house, it was good to be outdoors.
I'm not sure what Kris' problem is in this picture, but I thought it was pretty of Ashley, so on the blog it goes.
Darlene and Tayler.
Ashley took some pictures and I love them

This is our first picture at all with all of us in it.
Not too bad, only took us three months to get a family picture.

Ashley took this too I thought it was cute, Ryan and Grandpa.
I am so proud of Jeremy, and so happy that he could give Rylee a blessing. And he did such a great job. I know she'll be happy when she's older to realize her Dad was able to do these kind of things for her. The day went to good, it's fun to have family over and realize how blessed you are.


Megan said...

What a special day. I am glad everything went well and that the weather cooperated. Especially with this completely random Utah weather we have been having. The picture of you three turned out great. Katie, you look awesome!

10zfam said...

Glad all went great and the weather cooperated. You look great

Stephanie said...

That is nice that the weather was nice. We had the boys birthday party Sunday too and I was so glad it was amazing weather. The family pictures are adorable. I like the one of Reese pouting too, so funny.

Leah Aston said...

You all look so cute and coordinated. What pretty pictures. I'm bummed not to be there myself. Fun to see a picture of mom too - you need more photos/posts of our family for those of us far away. :) Love you-