Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter continued!

Thanks to my mad cake decorating skills, and a cake pan Tayler bought me forever ago... Here's my first, very festive bunny cake. I thought it was cute. (I swear they always look better than they taste.)
What a nice grandpa helping Reese get an easter egg.
The Deamer's hunt eggs, not candy. Which I am a big fan of. We don't need any more treats laying around. I gave Reese that telescope in her basket, (which is really a kaleidoscope, but that's the best I could do.) because she always talks about a telescope (I have no idea why.) But she used it to try and find her eggs I thought it was funny.
Rylee, not really excited about getting her picture taken, but we had to have photographic evidence of her easter bunny outfit.
I love that I didn't think to move her away from the pile of junk on my floor before taking the picture. She looks cute, but not the best background choice!

Yes, I am aware this pic is freaky. We wanted her to show her stained hands, and this is what we got.
Notice Kennedy's hands are totally orange. That means we had fun! The kids went through the egg dying so fast. Although Darlene boiled 90 eggs, they didn't let the eggs sit in each color for very long at all. Basically we had a lot of pastel smudgy eggs.
This is just a random picture of Rylee, but I thought it was cute, in her little sock monkey outfit. Happy Easter!

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