Friday, April 9, 2010

Best Friends Ever!

I've switched our bed-time routine a little, before I would try to make up stories and sing songs, but it works so much better to read a real story. I love to lay Rylee in bed next to Reese and we do it together.
Reese has taken to Rylee better than I ever expected. She doesn't seem to be jealous at all, but seems to love her and wants to talk to her, and help take care of her.

The other day they were playing on the floor while I did my makeup in the next room. I heard Reese saying to Rylee, "Rylee when you get big, we're going to play all the time, and we're going to be the best friends ever!" I hope she's right.
I love my cute little girls!


Marcia Wilson said...

That's so sweet, always remember it because sometimes all you will hear is screaming! Hey so I finally have cute fabric around if you are still interested in those headbands. Let me know and I will send you a picture of them to choose from, sorry I have been such a slacker

Stephanie said...

That is really sweet. I hope that they are too. She gets cuter and cuter every picture. I love your sisters pics. She does a great job.

10zfam said...

how cute-i love what reese said to rylee. i hope she's right. my girls are best friends and worst enemies depends on the day