Friday, December 11, 2009

The season continues!

We finally got our tree! For those of you who are getting a real tree and haven't gotten one yet, I recommend going over to Harmons. I know that sounds weird, but they had pretty good trees. Usually we pay about $50 more and I think it looks just as good.
I let Reese go play in the snow.( After a Christmas Story like scene of getting her ready with tons of layers). But afterward we went to see Jeremy's Grandpa who informed me that it was 15 degrees outside! That's cold.
I was told after my last post that I needed to post a preg. pic. So here you go, I had to take it myself, so ignore the fact that it's not a great pic. You can still see how large the tummy is, which it is quite large.
I am officially not feeling too great. My whole body hurts, and I thought I wasn't sleeping good, but little did I know, that I was sleeping pretty good, because this week hit and I am having the hardest time sleeping ever. And for all I know it's going to get worse. Oh well I'll be glad when I have my little lady here.


10zfam said...

U look so cute love the tree. We r getting together sometime this month I'll let u know when

Megan said...

Your belly is cute - such a cute pregnant woman you are. I sound like yoda. The sleeping at the end sucks. I am sorry. I remember complaining with Anna and people would tell me that I would wish that I could put her back in afterwords so that I could sleep again. LIES! I would rather be up cause my kid is crying and needs me than just lying in my bed crying to myself because I can't sleep. I feel bad for you. I will send some good sleeping vibes your way ;)

Lauren Tatton said...

You look great! oh the joys of being prego! Im glad Im not the only one!

Mandie said...

You look so cute, sorry you are so miserable! =(