Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christmas fun!

Darlene and Jody took us all to the Little America brunch with Santa. We had so much fun, I just realized I should have taken some pictures of the food, because it's amazingly yummy.
We didn't get a great pic. of this, but Reese was so excited to see Santa, she gave him the biggest hug, I thought it was so cute that he would pick her up! I felt bad though, because she told him she wanted a ball. And she thought that meant she was getting it right then. But she didn't get too sad, I just have to make sure and go buy her a ball now :)

Of course when all the kids were smiling and looking, my camera was being so slow it missed it, but oh well.

When we came home there was so much snow we couldn't get in our driveway. Jeremy had to plow with the 4 wheeler, while Jody snowplowed. Reese loved going on a ride with dad.

I had another class last night, this one turned out a little better since I had some instructions, and wasn't just messing around by myself.


Reed & Melinda Family said...

I wish my kids liked Santa. They run the other way. Way cute cake. That would be so fun to take a class!

Megan said...

Reese looks so cute - love the Gymboree outfit. I wish Anna wasn't so shy/scared around Santa. She was so excited this year and then it was a huge let down. lol. And way to go on the cake. You improved a lot on just one week. Crazy!

Ashley said...

I have some cute pictures of Reese and the boys I need to give you from that morning. It was such a fun day!

Your cake looks awesome!

10zfam said...

Love the cake- reese is getting so big-what a cutie

Heidi said...

Hi Katie! Reese is so cute! And that's so exciting you are going to have another one! Your blog is cute! Have a Merry Christmas!