Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas season has officially begun!

I just haven't had anything to post for awhile, (I like to have pics to add.) But last week my sis-in-law Heather called me and had the nice plan to go see Mrs. Claus. Which I had never heard of anyone going to see her and not Santa, but hey, why not? We got there and Reese was really excited.
I love the look on her face in this one, (she's telling her that she wants a train for Christmas, which I had no idea she was interested in trains, and of course her shopping is done.) If you're wondering why I have no pictures to share of Kennedy and Hadley, it's not because I didn't care to take any, it's because Kennedy had a breakdown, on Mrs. Claus' lap, and Hadley didn't care enough to even look at the camera.
This pic is back when we had the first snow of the season. It's a good thing I let her play in it, because and hour or two later and it had melted. I get so excited when it snows for the first time, although I have to admit the subsequent snows I'm not quite as enthusiastic for :)
Quick Preg. update: The due date is the 25th of Jan. But I'm hoping to be started on the 18th. This week the doctor said the baby is already 4 lbs. I was excited to hear that. She also said the baby's head was quite small, and she's already head down, which is good, because she most likely will stay that way. (p.s. we don't have a name yet.)


Stephanie said...

I think you need to put up a cute prego picture. I haven't ever heard of seeing Mrs. Clause either.

Megan said...

Yay for head down and for your sake, I really do hope her head is on the smaller side. I wish my kids had smaller heads, it makes for easier pushing that is for sure. lol. Reese looks so cute in all of the pictures. She is such a stylish little girl.

10zfam said...

yay for a small head. i too want to see a preggo picture. at least you got a pic of reese on mrs clause's lap. santa was at walmart the other day and cambree says to me "i'm not going to sit on his lap, that's not the real santa i can tell."