Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's all the girls in their matching Halloween outfits. (Hadley, Reese, Kennedy)
Tayler, a.k.a. Dodo, volunteered at our ward's little Halloween carnival. It was the best fish pond they'll ever have.
Later we went to pick out pumpkins, I had this image in my head that she would be able to pick out the pumpkin she wanted. But when we got there, there was only 5 left and we wanted 3, so.... didn't really get to choose so much, but hey  at least we got some pumpkins, right?
On Halloween day I took Reese, Hadley, and Kennedy, around to Darlene's work, then Jeremy's, then Heather's, and then Lee's Market.  Every time we got in and out of the car, was..........well, we'll just say a bit of a challenge. Hadley had to be stripped down every time, she loved that - and Reese, just halfway stripped down, and Luckily Kennedy could just stay in her costume all day long. But getting three babies out of the car is hard, even if you don't have to change their outfits. Also I got a lot of looks, and I knew people were thinking I was crazy, so here and there I would say, "those two aren't mine!" The girls were good, but I was a bit tired by the end of the day.
By the way Reese is a lady bug if you couldn't tell, I made her tutu, Hadley is the peacock, and Kennedy is Tinkerbell.
We finally carved our pumpkins, I decided I would be helpful and clean out all the guts out of all the pumpkins, but too bad I'm not smart and I started with the tallest pumpkin up on my table and...

Broke my kitchen light. Yeah, I guess you're not supposed to knock glass light fixtures with big, carving knifes, how was I to know?  A big chunk of the glass just fell right off, I didn't even hit it hard at all, just a little bonk. I was so mad at myself. Luckily Jeremy was way nice about it.
Reese caught on to Trick or Treating very quickly, also she never had said the word candy before, (because I don't really give her candy,) but she sure learned it fast that day.
Reese, Dodo, and Jeremy in front trick or Treating.
This is Reese with her Great Grandpa who lives next door, He's so sweet and we go visit him pretty much every day.


Megan said...

Getting in out of the car with one kid WITHOUT costumes is difficult, what you did is amazing! LOL. I can see why you were exhausted! Reese is a cute lil' ladybug. I am impressed you made her costume too - it is way cute!

10zfam said...

super cute costume. good job taking three kids out and about, pretty impressive. looks like you had fun

Mike and Meghan Valletta said...

Hey Katie! I just found your cute! Your little Reese is such a doll! We've got a blog too. Come see us:

Stephanie said...

She looks adorable! I can understand why you wouldn't want to bring 3 kids into split enz. Good job making the costume!

Chelsie said...

her costume is so cute!! i love her little tutu, props katie!! if i ever have a girl you'll have to teach me how to do those!

Cassi and Chadd said...

SO CUTE!!! We are setting our blog to private--could you email me your email address!