Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday, Big Game, and Happy Reunion!!

Ever since I  have been married to Jeremy I have found the best tradition ever, Black Friday! I think it's so fun just being out early, and we usually find some pretty good deals. This is Me at Target, (not all the stuff in the cart is mine just so you know.) 

Not like you couldn't tell, but Reese was not too happy at Thanksgiving with my family. She gets a little shy.

For Jeremy's work (AFCU), they have a bonus night. It was held at the Salt Palace. As you can guess, we watched the big BYU / Utah game. It was fun, (until BYU got slaughtered.) We were able to go with, and sit by our friends Ally and Chris, which made it even more fun!
And we got to take home the pretty flowers, ( I took the Y out when we got home.)

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the Yams, ever since I lived at home it was my job to help my mom do the yams, so I just keep doing them. Now if any of you aren't aware of the blog Delicious Dishes, I am a huge fan. I have been using it quite a bit. Chelsie and her friends have the best recipes, and put them on it. I bugged her for this one, (pumpkin bars,) which turned out so good. Even Jeremy who is not too much into desserts loved it. So thanks again Chelsie!

Kris and Ashley are here! Which means the two cousins can be reunited! So far they have been playing so good together. Except now she doesn't want to leave his side, it's cute!


Chelsie said...

i love the video and reeses cute laugh. so sweet! i'm glad the pumpkin bars turned out good...did you not want to eat the whole bowl of frosting!?

Megan said...

Poor BYU - that game was just sad. I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I was out by 4:30 and was able to hit up all the stores I wanted and get most of the stuff on my list. I will never again go to Walmart though - not worth it. Target is where it is at. People aren't as mean and it seems more organized. A lady at Walmart kept ramming me with her cart when I could clearly not go anywhere. So lame.

Megan said...

In regards to your comment on my blog, I do love to cook...normally. But right now the smells really get to me and nothing ever sounds good. I am hoping it ends soon :) And I agree that Friendsgiving will be better without the high school boys - we will have to plan for sure next year!

Carol said...

Oh Katie, you were so easy to find. If you google your name under blog search, you come up everywhere! You must be famous! Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I stopped by. Now I'm off to Hawaii in the morning!

The Fife's said...

What A Beautiful Family! Your little girl is getting so big :)