Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bye Bye Ryan! (and family)

Ryan is Resse's cousin who is 1 year exactly older than her. They are such good friends. Ryan has always been such a sweetie to her. The whole family is heading to L.A. pretty soon and that includes Ryan, Kris, Ethan, and Ashley, who has been so nice to watch Reese for us. And I think Reese is going to be so sad. Ryan plays so good with Reese, I think that when he moves home in 4 years or more he might not want to play with her anymore. Hopefully he will, we'll miss you all!


Ashley said...

Reese (along with her mom and dad) will just have to come visit us!!!

Lauren Tatton said...

That is so sad! What a fun thing for them though! She still has little Jayden! :)

Katie, Jeremy, & Reese said...

You're right I guess we just have to come and visit, if you're going to twist my arm, I guess we can come to cali to hang out :) ANd yes Lauren, it would help if we ever saw Jayde hint hint is chalise is reading this.