Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pics from the phone

This post includes all kinds of random stuff, but here we go anyway. Here's Reese at her Kindergarten program. Towards the end of school, it was so cute, she had a line and they sang a bunch of songs.
 This is from her Kindergarten awards program, where she got an award for reading.
 This is clear back from the week before her birthday. Jeremy got us a hotel room at the Hotel Montaco, and we had Rylee stay with family so Reese could have a special night. She loved getting all dressed up and we took her to see Shrek the musical at the Capitol Theatre.
 Reese's school had a treehouse night, here's her with her cute teacher.
 We started having the girls have some practice nights sleeping in the same room, to prepare for when we made the move permanent. I think it helped, we did it about every friday for a month maybe. It seemed to be good, because now that we have finally moved Rylee down, they are doing a great job.
 Rylee is starting to not take naps, downside, is she seems to fall asleep in random places.
 The girls in their new princess dresses I gave them for V-day.
 This pic is a bit weird, it's at kanagoo zoo, on Reese's birhday.
 Reese is really crafty, and it seems like I can't throw anything away because she wants to make something out of it. So I was about to throw this box away, and before I knew it, it was a little plane.
 Jeremy loves to have the girls help him in the garden, and they love it even more. They both have work gloves, and they call themselves the dirty workers.
 Reese always wants to get chosen for things, and never seems to. But this time at the treehouse she got chosen to be in the little partici play. She was so excited, I had to get a pic of it to document.
 Reese's school does a big fund raiser called a walk-a-thon. The kids walk laps and people they know sponsor them to walk. This was our first year, and boy was it seriously nuts. The downside was it was raining so hard all day, so they had it in the gym. It was so crowded, but she how much fun she's having? Plus she won some pretty good prizes.
 Rylee was a little overwhelmed by how many people were there, and when Dad showed up she quickly snuggled down and fell asleep.
 Here's Rylee on her new bike. She had just a tiny little tricycle (which I have to admit I ran over with my car.) So then she really needed a new bike.
 The big news is that Reese is finally riding a bike without training wheels. If you would have been at my house you would have seen a pregnant woman trying hard to run up and down her driveway holding on to Reese, about 1000 times. I was nervous my hard work wasn't going to pay off and then suddenly it clicked! I was so excited when she got it.
That's enough random moments for now but there are more to come.

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