Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leafin' fun!

In the fall the girls had been begging to jump in some leaves, so as soon as there was a sunny day, I raked up a quick pile and the girls had so much fun.
 Of course, You can't play in a pile of leaves without mom taking a hundred pictures right?

 This is actually the only picture we took on Thanksgiving, last year Tayler had taken a picture of us. And I felt like it was something we should do again. I forget a lot to stop and have someone take a picture of us because we're always behind the camera.
 This is a completely different Leaf day, this time we were raking it all up. So my nieces were there as well.
 Bit of a mischievous face in this pic.
 Can you see them, in there?
 The best part of this day was Jeremy put up the Christmas lights.
 We were loading all the leaves in the truck to haul them away. The girls were in there smashing them down. I love this pic, Jeremy took it from up on the roof.
 Last year after Thanksgiving, Grandpa Creamer passed away. This is the one year anniversary of his passing. Jody and Darlene bought a pretty Christmas wreath and Jeremy took up some little pumpkins that he had grown in the garden. I thought this was such a neat picture.
I know that it is way past Thanksgiving, but I didn't post on time, and wanted to say quickly, that I am so thankful for Jeremy and for the girls. I love our family, and I am so thankful for our house and where we live. We are so lucky and so blessed, I hope all your thanksgivings went well.

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Leah Aston said...

They look super happy playing in the leaves. You should totally put more pictures of yourself on your blog! :)