Sunday, December 2, 2012


I have to say that I am surprised at myself for getting this far behind. So sorry, but here we are, the Halloween costumes! We like to do it as a family, Jeremy and Reese came up with the idea for this year months and months ago. 
Rylee was Igor. (As in Dr. Frankenstien's assistant.) The cutest thing of the entire thing was that if you asked Rylee what Igor says she would lean over (to get a bit more hunchy) and say, in a scratchy voice, "Yes master." Poor girl said it about 100 times, but never seemed to be bothered by it. I think she liked the fact that it made everyone laugh.

 Reese was of course, Dr. Frankenstien, (aka mad scientist). Actually kind of surprising that both my girls were boys. And I have to say that all day people kept thinking that Rylee was a boy. Poor girl was wearing black and her hair was covered with a bald cap,  so you couldn't tell that she was a girl.

Reese would say, "Igor, pull the switch!" and Rylee would say, "Yes master."
 So of course, we had to have Frankenstien, which was Jeremy. So I was the bride of frankenstein. Although I didn't wear the wig that sticks straight up, but I was hoping that would still count.
 Here we are at Jeremy's aunt's house which is a family tradition to visit, before we go out trick or treating.
 Now this is them raising the monster. ( That's a good dad.)
 Jeremy was a good sport, with the makeup and scars and screws glued on his neck, I'm sure it was annoying, but he was great.
 There we are, the monster, and his bride.
The night was so great, we had a great time, the weather was so nice. Happy Halloween!


Megan said...

I love LOVE it! So much fun. I love that your girls came up with the idea and totally went along with it. I would have loved to watch them act it out with their lines and what not. And you look great, by the way!

Leah Aston said...

I LOVE this post. So cute! The girls are so funny. I hope you got them saying their lines and raising Deamer on film! You are super pretty in these pictures!