Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bear Lake

Last week, we joined the Wood family for our annual Bear Lake trip. It was a little cooler and windier then one may have wished for, but still very fun. My girls loved playing at the "beach". As you can see the beach was only about 2 feet of mud, but hey, who doesn't like to play in mud?
Rylee wasn't a huge fan of swimming, but did warm up to it a bit, by the end of the week. Where as, you had to drag Reese out of the pool.
Mostly Rylee just wanted to stay wrapped up in her towel. This pic cracks me up because I kept making her get in the pool, when I should have just sat by the side and let her do more of this.
There is this tiny golf course there, and luckily, there was no on else, when we went. So we kind of let the kids on a free for all.
My mom and dad were so nice to plan , and pay for the whole thing - thanks again! (not like they are going to read this :)

Finally a pic with Reese actually looking at me, and no crazy eyes. I better frame it.
Reese just got her bike and is doing really good at home riding it. But being there, presented a few challenges that she is apparently not ready for, like tiny hills, or practically non existent bumps. When anything looked a little bit iffy, she would have to get off her bike and walk it. She cracks me up, I'm sure someday, she'll be able to fly down hills and I'll wish she would be more slow, but this is not that day.

We had a fun week, Rylee got a few injuries, but is healing nicely. The best part was Jeremy got to come up for a bit of it. With work it's hard for him to get away. But the girls loved having him there.


Reed & Melinda Family said...

I love Bear Lake! Looks like lots of fun:)

10zfam said...

looks fun- we were up there last week too, too bad we didn't see each other

Megan said...

Annabelle has had her bike like that for 2 years now and she STILL gets nervous and has to get off and walk over the most ridiculous things. It drives me nuts. I am such a good mom. lol. Reese's hair is getting so long. Your girls are so cute!

Leah Aston said...

Oh dear, I think I still like to get off and walk my bike when things get scary. :) I like your hair in the mini golf picture!