Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Usually by the time St. Patrick's Day comes along, (right after Reese's birthday), I could usually care less about it. But this year Jeremy mentioned to Reese about how when he was little the Leprechaun would come to his house, leave footprints and treats.

So of course, I was hooked. We had little footprints, leading to a stash of treats. Luckily Jeremy found the gold (chocolate) coins, I had looked everywhere with no luck. (Zurchers had them by the way.) Also that crazy Leprechaun came and colored our milk green.
Which resulted in Green pancakes for breakfast, and green pasta for lunch. It's funny but things that shouldn't be green are so much less appetizing.
I'm glad Jeremy gave us the boost we needed to get in the St. Patty's spirit. It's not like it's hard to cut out some footprints and dump food coloring in milk. Reese loved it, and it was fun to do something for the holiday that we usually ignore. Why not do something a little fun! Hope you had a fun day as well!


Ashley said...

I did the same thing! I think Jeremy and I both want to do it because our mom did it for us when we were growing up. I remember following little green footprints around the house and they usually led to a little pile of gold (chocolate coins!) and a gift. I'm glad you are carrying on the tradition!

Stephanie said...

I am so glad that we did something this year too. Benjamin loved it. By the way, your pictures of the party are AWESOME! You really are so much fun and creative. Way to go!

Megan said...

I did a couple of things this year - better than NOTHING last year. lol. I am vowing to be more fun next year. Your girls are so cute!

Leah Aston said...

So one of my New Year's Resolutions is to do more celebrations and be proactive. I planned a big St Patty's dinner (corned beef, cabbage and green potatoes with green jello for dessert) and invited people and we were going to play "Irish" games...but that's the day that we took Jaren into the hospital. So sad...maybe next year. Though I did make the green jello ahead of time (a lot of it) and have been eating it ever since. Great ideas, remind me about them when it comes around next year!!!