Sunday, March 13, 2011

A few miscellaneous items from the past week.

Reese apparently is old enough to push her own little shopping cart. Which was weird / nice. She actually did good, it kept her close to me, and she kept the groceries in her cart.

Pasta, anyone?
What? Chocolate cake? I saw this in a food network magazine. I used homemade choc cake, with a cream cheese buttercream, yum. Fondant noodles, (In the magazine, they had piped frosting to look like noodles, but I thought this made it look more realistic, I rolled fondant and put it through my pasta attachment, and wa la, I had noodles. Topped off with stawberry sauce, and white chocolate grated, to look like parmesan cheese. (The meatballs are just cake crumbs rolled into balls.) I made it for Jody and Heather's birthdays last week. (Not like pasta has anything to do with Heather or Jody, I just thought it looked fun.)

It was finally sunny, so we took out first trip to the park (for this season). It actually ended up being a little too windy so we didn't stay too long. Rylee is still a bit too little, so she doesn't know exactly what to do, but she'll get there.

Reese wanted to hold Rylee down the slide, (don't worry I was right there). I don't think Rylee thought it was as fun as Reese, but at least she didn't cry.
My computer was broken for a bit so sorry for the absence of posting, but now we'll be right back on track. :)


Megan said...

It's eery how much that cake looks like spaghetti - which is a tribute to your talent ;)

C and C Young said...

when we still lived in utah i let maddux use one of those little carts--ran it straight into a gum embarrassing. the lady said it happened all the time, but i think she was just trying to be nice. they don't have them here, so we are just stuck with those dang half car/half cart ones that don't work.

Leah Aston said...

Creative cake, though I can't seem to get past expecting it to taste like spaghetti. :)