Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fourth of July!

Bare with me, that I am kind of doing this in backwards order. On the 4th Jeremy and Dave did their famous firework show for us. Jeremy had a major sunburn on his forehead from being outside all day, but apparently he didn't think that was enough. He burned the hair off his arm, and burned his hand... twice. Silly boys.
I swear we usually only get pictures of the kids, but Jeremy got this cute one of Heather and Dave.
Rylee was in bed and Reese is difficult to get to look at the camera.

This was our first time using our new fire pit, that we had built last year. It was fun.
Got to get a pic of shoving a s'more in someone's mouth.
Earlier that day, there was a bit of a lull, so we pulled out the inflatable slide, always fun.
Ok, so I'm a dork, but I always like to make at least one patriotic treat.
I can't not have a flag jello. Easy, but cute.
We've kind of started a tradition that the kids have to wear cowgirl hats and boots, for the 4th and 24th. I don't know if that's what Jeremy's family did when they were kids but I love it. I put sunglasses on Rylee - I think she hates them, because her eyelashes are so long, it makes it hard. I wish I had that problem.
We usually are fun haters when it comes to going to parades, or fireworks, but we did end up going to the parade this year, and I think the girls had fun.
Reese just wanted more and more candy though. I'm not sure where Reese is looking, but this is cute of Tayler.

The night before, my fam does a little celebration,
Reese is kind of afraid of sparklers, but somehow Jeremy got her to calm down enough and hold some.

I still haven't figured out all the things of my camera, so these are kind of fuzzy but, that kind of happens with night shots.

It was a full weekend, I kind of liked it being on a Sunday, because it seemed like we just had more days to celebrate.

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Chelsie said...

so many cute pictures. i wish i had that problem, my eyelashes being too long. lucky girl!