Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peach Days!

We went up to Brigham city for Peach Days. The funnest part is that the kids are finally old enough to ride on the little rides. Warning: all these pictures are not very good. How do you get three toddlers to look at you and smile when they are riding rides for the first time? Answer is - you don't.

Hey two out of three in this one, they don't count as smiling but I'll take what I can get.
Reese passed out walking back to the car, I guess we tuckered her out.

I'm not exactly sure how good these movies turned out but here you go anyway. We had a lot of fun, ate some good food. We did all forget to eat any peach pie, or cobbler. I have no idea how that happened, there's always next year.

On an unrelated pregnancy note : I am officially halfway there. Here's the classic baby bump picture, I know obnoxious but, I had to document it. The baby started kicking last week. (Or really, I'm finally able to feel actual kicks, and know it's the baby for sure.) That's always my favorite, it makes me happy and it doesn't hurt yet.

Also on another unrelated Reese update: She is just being so fun right now. She's started to be into princesses all of a sudden. And her imagination is growing, half the time she's a pirate searching for treasure, or she's a princess, or she's making up a princess story.

Potty Update: We are totally 100% perfect now, and have been for weeks! I love it, it's so nice not to worry about it anymore, not only does she tell me every time, but she holds it for a lot longer now, and doesn't have to go so much. It was a little harder than I thought, but she did really good!


Megan said...

Your little bump is so cute. Half way is great - less nausea and not uncomfortable. Enjoy it while it lasts ;) I am jealous you went to peach days - I could go for some peaches right now. Also, I am so happy that everything is going so well with Reese - that rocks!

Chelsie said...

you look so cute!! and tiny! mmm some good peaches from peach days does sound delish...finished up with some peach pie from maddox...delish. yeah for reese!!! that's awesome

10zfam said...

your tummy is cute!- good job going potty reese!

Harris Family said...

Looks like fun.. I love Peach Days! You look great for being halfway.. I think I looked like that at two weeks haha!

Reed & Melinda Family said...

How fun! You look so cute. How exciting!