Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Car!

Or I should say SUV, but you know what I mean. So since we're having a new baby, we decided it was time to get a bigger vehicle. (For some reason my pictures seem a little grainy today, but just try to ignore it.) It is a Acura MDX, and we just got it last weekend, in fact I myself, have not even driven it yet, but I am way excited for it. It is going to be what I drive around, and it has all these high-tech things to it, that are cool/kind of make me laugh.

My favorite thing of course is...

ta da! a sunroof.
I've always wanted one! Also now we can stop bugging Darlene and Jody every time we need to transport something that can't fit in our Corollas, I bet they're almost as excited as we are. :)

On a completely different note, they are tearing down the old North Ogden Elementary. Don't ask me how, but Jeremy and his friends/some ward people were able to go play paintball in the school, before they demolish it. He went and bought himself a new gun, and a helmet with goggles. I was proud that he seemed to be taking it seriously enough to cover himself up, but I guess it doesn't matter, because this is what happened to his back:
It looks way worse in real life, and he got a super bad one right on his head, unfortunately the picture doesn't show it very good because of his hair. Poor guy had a hard time sleeping last night, but I guess that's the price you pay to have fun!


Ashley said...

Ryan is sitting with me and when we saw the picture of Jeremy he said he looked, "Disgusting!"
(I don't think he realized Jeremy was hurt!)

Yikes! That looks really painful.

And your new car is very pretty!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness! Jared has paintballed for years and I have NEVER seen a welt that bad! I can imagine he didn't sleep very well. :)

Love your new car too, by the way. :)

Megan said...

I am jealous of your new car. I am not jealous, however, or Jeremy right now. It looks painful in the picture so I can't imagine what it does look like in real life. Ouch!

Chelsie said...

oh my heck, i have never seen welts like that....ah! i hope he is doing a little better by now. i'm oooh and ahhing over your new's purdy!