Friday, June 19, 2009

My sister's visiting from the land down under!

 My sister Leah flew home from Australia for a visit. (She's living there with her husband, who is Australian, after getting married last June. So we haven't seen her since then.) She just got here last night so we were excited and went to lunch with everyone. (which means about a bazillion kids and minus all the dad's who were working, other than my dad.)We ate at Fazzoli's, where luckily, no one else really was there. But the kids did pretty good until the end, you know when you don't get them in the car quick enough so they start running around the restaurant. Reese just watched, like wow crazy kids.
Next we went to the parkway. It finally felt like summer so it was really nice. I'm excited to have Leah home for almost a month.
Reese and my nephew Noah were playing in the sand, I thought it was so cute how they kept laughing at each other. Reese has this new thing with not liking being dirty, but she just laughed it off today, so that was good.


Stephanie said...

How fun to have her here. I love Reese talking about her dirty hands.

Candace Thomas said...

Awww...don't ya love sisters? Reese cracks me up! Looks like you are having tons of fun this summer. No wonder I never see you when I am out walking:) j/k