Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodbye to North Ogden Elementary!

 North Ogden City is building a new school and tearing down the old one. So we had the opportunity to go to a little open house to say goodbye to Jeremy's old school. The ironic thing is that the same thing is happening to my elementary school this year as well, (good 'ol valley bulldogs.) Reese decided this night she was not going to look at, or smile for any pictures. I think someone asked to see her teeth, but that doesn't exactly count as a smile.
I'm not exactly sure why we started putting our children in lockers, but there you go.
The new school looks very nice I think it will be really good, when Reese gets to go, it will only be a few years old.


Megan said...

Okay. Isn't it weird to think of our kids going to school already?! I know it isn't that far away and Anna is already so excited to go, but it just makes me feel old!

Katie said...

I try not to think about it, cause seriously I'm not even too sure about preschool. It honestly will be so weird that we are old enough to have kids in school!

Chelsie said...

that's crazy that both of your school are being torn down! and i'm so sorry about your basement!! ah! i just went in to shawni the other day, and i don't know how i feel about you two sharing a booth, cause then i never get to see you!!!