Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother of two...... for the week.

Is anyone else antsy for spring? The sun came out and so did we. We went to the park three times this week.

This week we have had Kennedy, staying with us. And I'll admit it wasn't too bad. I guess I can have another child, (but that doesn't mean to start expecting an announcement.) We didn't do great with sharing at first but the more we had her the better and better Reese did.But I am happy to say that Hadley, (although not actually better yet is home, with a home nurse coming every day.
Reese is missing her little sister for the week. But I will be glad that people will stop looking at me like I'm crazy and need to know about birth control. Also I do have to admit it is definately harder to go anywhere, but I felt like the kids liked to be out so we went out a lot. And it wouldn't be a complete experience without a cousin bath pic.
Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is Kudos to all of you super moms with multiple children. Because although I see that it can be done, (more kids) I am also very aware of how easy it is with just Reese.


Brady and Audrey said...

Katie I miss you, I hope you still remember me, I haven't talked to you forever! I can't believe how big Reese is, crazy how time goes by, she is so cute! Just wanted to say hi, I hope everything is going well!

Megan said...

When we went up to Snow Basin I walked into the lodge with Anna on my hip, Maddie holding my hand and my belly sticking out - talk about the looks I received. LOL. But having 2 kids who play together really is nice - all you have to do is supervise. We went to the park a lot last week too - it was so nice. Why did it have to go and snow today?! Boo!

Harris Family said...

Looks like fun.. I just watched my sisters kids for a few days & I was a mother of FIVE!!! Reese's birthday turned out so cute. Can you do all my birthdays?

Chelsie said...

ah i'm so sad that it's not nice outside now either!!! we went to the park a lot and now my son sits at the down and whines to go outside....come soon sun!!