Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We took all the kids to see Santa, at Bicentennial Park. He was so cute! The pictures of the boys didn't turn out. Reese loved it and we went back a week later because she begged me to go back.

Quick apologies for what is about to be the longest post. My husband has been out of town with my computer, so here it goes. This is me and my husband obviously, and Stephanie my friend from work with her husband Mike at our salon Christmas party.
The fam. at the ward Christmas party.

My friends Halli and Kristen and I meet once a month for lunch, this was our Christmas lunch at Bellas.
Finally, Christmas morning:
Ryan kept asking to hold Jeremy, so Jeremy let him. Hopefully his legs are ok.

Every year we get knew pajamas, which is one of my favorite traditions.

Here's just a couple of Reese's toys, we need a bigger house now, she really got spoiled.

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! 


Reed & Melinda Family said...

You guys are so cute! I am glad you had a Merry Christmas. Hope you guys have a awesome New Year!!

Megan said...

What a fun Christmas! I love the picture of everyone in their PJ's. I think that is awesome that they are all similar. How I heart your in-laws. I love Reese's new kitchen too. I wanted to get the same one for Anna but there is no room as of now - LAME!

Oh and I hope this answers your question:

I am so sad too!

Chelsie said...

that kitchen thing is awesome! coop and i are going to have to come up and play with it! i love that jeremy is sitting on ryans lap, too funny! and i agree with megan, i heart your in laws, i think they're pretty fabulous. glad you guys had a good christmas

Stephanie said...

Cute jammies. Reese is the cutest little girl. I will take your house since you are going to move on to a bigger house, but only for the same price you got it.