Friday, December 12, 2008

First Snow!!!

We are a little excited for C hristmas, here at the Deamer's, if you can't tell.
Ok technically it snowed back in October, but we were out of town. I have been way excited for snow, and maybe a little too much because as soon as poor Reese was done eating breakfast I got her all bundled up, and headed outdoors.
It was a little like the scene in Christmas story. I got a tad carried away with how many layers I put on her, and could barely get her boots on, on top of all the layers. I think she had fun for her first time really playing in the snow. She thinks a snowball is called a rock, and she figured out pretty quick she could eat the snow, which I was hoping she wouldn't realize, but we had fun!
That night Jeremy came home and we decided it was time to go get the tree. We didn't cut it down, but someone did, so that's about the same right?
Apparently you shouldn't expect a one year old to help decorate. She just wanted to stuff this stocking with glass balls. You may think our tree looks bare, but we are kind of Christmas tree minimalists. Hope everyone is having a fun holiday season as well!


Megan said...

Minimalist Christmas trees are elegant. I am the same way. We have yet to have snow that sticks here (minus the episode in October and we were in Arizona at the time) and I am sad for Anna. I went and bought all the necessities and I want to bust them out. I hope she has as much as Reese. She is so stinkin cute!

Stephanie said...

She looks so sweet. I thought your house looks great all Christmasy. We took Benjamin out on the snow today and he discovered that he could eat it. I told him "eww" and he looked up and goes, "mmm yummy yummie".

Melissa said...

Way cute family. The simpliest trees are the best. Merry Christmas

Chelsie said...

i love it! i'm glad you are having more fun in it that me...i love the snow...but have just been staring at lame right?!

Lauren Tatton said...

I love snow! It is so magic the first time it happens! I love the tree!