Monday, September 15, 2008


So about six months ago I naively made the comment that Reese would not be going to nursery because it is too germy. I still actually have issues and am nervous about the cleanliness, but 
I have to admit, that as it has gotten closer I have been counting down the weeks till she could go. So It's official, she's 18 months today. So I left her in there and she did good, and by the way did you know that they actually have lessons in Relief Society, I had no idea that's what was going on. :) It was very calm and nice, I did feel like I had forgotten something though.
I know that I'm retarded for taking these pictures, by the way, I didn't pose her like this. For some reason, she did it herself. Reese's aunt Heather picked out this outfit for her at H&M since I couldn't go, and I love it! The boots are kind of blurry in this picture, but thanks Heather for helping me find cute stuff.


Chelsie said...

Katie I saw your blog from shawni's and megans, hope you don't mind. Reese is SO cute, i love her little outfit, and those boots! oh my heavens!! i'm glad nursery went well! coop goes in 2 months, and I'm nervous and excited about the situation....agreed though, who knows what is going on in sacrament...people are speaking?! it's past me

Cassi and Chadd said...

I heart H&M--wish they had one here. I also share your feelings about nursery, but I will hopefully get over it by the time Maddux is old enough to go.

Ally and Chris Johns said...

I love this outfit. Someday when I have a baby promise me you will help me find these cute clothes.

Megan said...

I make Anna wash her hands after nursery each week. I was so excited for her to go and she did awesome the first two weeks and then BAM! she hated it - so we are working on that. Reese looks so adorable in that dress and those boots. That outfit is so cute - I wish we had an H & M here. And you need to give me tips on how to do Anna's hair - I need to do something more than just pony tails and pig tails!