Saturday, October 20, 2012

FireStation Day

As you might remember, Rylee is really into firetrucks for some reason. So when we heard about a night when people were aloud to go to the firestation, and  do all kinds of different things, we knew we had to go.
 Notice Rylee is not in this picture with the clown, she was way scared of them all. I think it's funny that she is scared of clowns, considering that she is 2 and has no reason to be scared of clowns.
 We got to actually ride in the fire truck, which was definitely a high light, of Rylee's, well life. Also Reese got to sit in the front and turn on the siren, which she thought was way cool.

 One thing that was really cool is they let the kids hold a fire hose and spray the water. I only have it on video and not a picture.
 Rylee had to wear her fire chief hat, and it has a siren on it that you can turn on, I think we were driving everyone nuts, but she loved it.
 They also had an ambulance and a helicopter, that the kids got to walk through and sit in. All in all it was such a fun night. The girls had so much fun, I hope they do it again next year.

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Leah Aston said...

Pretty fall colors and fun fire truck day. The boys would have loved that. Too bad she doesn't like clowns, plenty of time to be scared of them when she starts watching movies, for now they should be fun. :)