Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Bowl party!

Is it just me or do you just have to have a super-bowl party? And you have to have lots of treats, that's what the super-bowl is all about. These are yummy Oreo truffles I made, to look like footballs. (I always like my treats to be "themey").

We actually had no one in attendance for our party other than us. And I spent at least half the game trying to keep Rylee from dumping all the treats on the ground.
Our team didn't win, and we had a Lot more food than necessary, but we had a good super-bowl.

The other day, Jeremy had been stressed out at work so Reese, Rylee, and I, threw him a surprise party.
I made a little sign, Reese made some pictures to decorate, and I even made some party hats. We jumped out and yelled surprise! I don't know if it made him feel less stressed, but I think it made him happy to see how much the girls love him.
We love you Jeremy! We are proud of how hard you work, and take care of us! Thank you so much.


10zfam said...

love your footballs- i might need to get your recipe for those. that is so nice of you to throw a surprise party for jeremy. what a good wife you are

Palmers said...

You and your cakes just amaze me. You are so creative, and they look so dang yummy I want to reach into the picture and eat it:) That is a cute idea to have the little party for Jeremy being stressed. Sometimes I think I need to do that for Darin too. Hey my friend from high school is moving into Stowers house. I told them they will have to meet the Deamer's because they are awesome:) I got my boots at old navy that you were asking about. I got black and tan ones and they were having a great deal on them that I couldn't pass up:)

Leah Aston said...

What a sweet idea (for Jeremy)! They don't really have super bowl parties here like they do back home, but I'll have to come up with something for their finals.