Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treehouse museum.

Last week Jeremy's sister Ashley was in town and we took the kids to the Treehouse. We had never been there, and we loved it. If you haven't been I totally recommend it. There was so much for the kids to do, we didn't even get all the way through.
Even Ethan, (who's only one) had fun to.
This little school room was fun. Ashley and I decided we want a chalk board on our walls somewhere, it was fun.
You could actually milk this cow, how cool is that!
Reese loved the little puppet shows the most. I think for sure I'm going to try to and buy a pass to go all the time.
Ward party:
Our ward had this fun party, they had a big slip and slide and a little train to pull all the kids around.
For some reason Reese laid down on the cement, right in the walkway for about five minutes. She was just sprawled out, I'm assuming she was pretending to sleep. Of course when I got my camera she moved.
Poor Jeremy was cooking all the food, and then cleaning up the grills, so not only did he not get to eat, he didn't get to really hang out either. But he did a good job and it was fun!


Megan said...

I have seen so many people post about the Treehouse and it looks so fun - I really need to take Annabelle there. That Reese is a character - laying on the cement doesn't sound too comfy to me. LOL.

Chelsie said...

i love treehouse, and it looks like they have added some new things since i have last been there. how fun...reese looks adorable! hey i sent you a message on facebook to see if i could bring you by your package tomorrow...let me know

10zfam said...

hey about the chalkboard, they have what's called blackboard paint at home depot that you just paint on the wall or whatever surface you want to be a blacboard. i know kelley howe used it for her kids' room.
Glad you enjoyed the treehouse, cambree liked it too